Belgium has plenty of mobile providers if we include the so-called mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). MVNO - such as Mobile Vikings, Jim Mobile and others - don't have the hardware to provide cell coverage and use other operators networks. MNVO's mainly focus on specific target groups with specific mobile needs.

Mobile Vikings is one of the oldest and biggest Mobile Virtual Network Operator and has made a name for itself when it comes to data pricing. In the past few weeks i've put it to the test and compared it with Proximus who claims to have the best/fastest network around.

Speed Gauge

The idea

The idea is simple: compare these two competing providers with each other avoiding common pitfalls and prejudice. Using several devices on several locations to try and avoid issues with coverage and hardware limitations.

The set-up

The tests specified below were carried out on 2 devices:

    1. LG G3 Smarpthone (Proximus)
    1. Samsung Galaxy S2 8″ LTE Tablet (Mobile Vikings)
All tests were carried out using the Ookla app on both devices

On the proximus side I used the ‘Generation Connect’ pre-paid card (which has been discontinued).

On mobile vikings a regular 15€ top-up with data focus was used.

LG G3 mobile Phone

Proximus vs Mobile Vikings: The results

Connection Proximus Mobile Vikings Download Proximus (Mbps) Download Mobile Vikings (Mbps) Upload Proximus (Mbps) Upload Mobile Vikings (Mbps)
LTE LTE 8,56 12,75 3,47 10,63
LTE LTE 9,66 10,2 3,5 11,4
LTE LTE 8,4 10,15 3,41 8,93
HSPAP HSPAP 2,86 5,43 1,19 3,65
HSPAP HSPAP 2,99 6,58 0,66 2,81
HSPAP HSUPA 2,63 6,14 0,79 3,6
LTE LTE 40,3 55,11 0,6 17,39
LTE LTE 60,93 34,10 39,86 11,92
LTE LTE 57,14 34,59 45,00 15,51

Results where operators did not have the same type of connections (3G vs 4G or vice versa) have been omitted.

Preliminary conclusion

Tests were run in several locations mainly in West-Flanders. Locations include: Bruges, Kortrijk, Mouscron and others. The data suggests that Mobile vikings has faster connections than Proximus in most occasions/locations. However when Proximus has the speed advantage it really blows Mobile Vikings out of the water. At the moment we can conclude that Proximus is faster in bigger cities (where I have been able to run the tests) and that Mobile Vikings is the endurance champion. Faster speeds on most locations but not able to compete everywhere.

To have more conclusive data, I’ve decided to run the tests some more at different locations, both in big and small cities. I will update the findings above as soon as more data is available.