I like to keep busy with many different things as such I am always working on several projects at a time. Here below you will find some of my current or past projects.

On-going Projects

  • (semi) Automated controlling of scoring sheets through Excel/Macro
  • Gain a (better) understanding of Macros in Miscrosoft Excel
  • Automated registry of scoring SMS messages to database
  • Deram.net

Finished Projects

  • Mobile Marshaller (Mobiele Seingever/Wegkapitein)
  • Smartenough.be: Tutorial website for Mobile users (targetted Android/iOS users), now offline
  • Certification Motorcycle Driving Instructor (License IV)
  • Certification Car Driving Instructor (License II)
  • Assembly of a full PC
  • WordPress – setting up basic websites

If you have any questions concerning my on-going or finished projects let me know and if you would have any suggestions for new projects, by all means, send me a mail or post herebelow 😉